It’s a Mitzvah!

I swore I wouldn’t be the kind of writer who uses her children for material, but today I am rejecting my own value-system to announce the marriage of my two daughters: Peaches and Angie. Yes, they’re sisters but they’re also…lovers. Want to make something of it?

A little more about the bride and groom:

Name: Peaches
Confirmation name: Peaches Marie
Nicknames: Peepee, Peepalah
Likes: Running in circles, headbanging, cultivating green chlorophyll bib
Dislikes: Any type of human contact, including–but not limited to: petting, touching, squeezing, kissing, or footsteps within ten foot radius
Strengths: Massive ego
Weaknesses: Massive ego
Trademarks: Athletic prowess, pink ear, “the smart one”

Name: Angie
Nicknames: Angelina Ratlie, Fatticus Ratticus
Strengths: Asserts dominance once a month when she’s “on her cycle” (or some cycle) and takes Peaches by storm
Weaknesses: Respiratory infections, Bumblefoot, possibly blind
Likes: Hiding in the pigloo, leafy greens, hay
Dislikes: Costumes, vaccuum cleaner
Trademark: Her voluptuous curves

Bride and groom are both wearing Cuddly Cavies couture. Bride’s jewels by Harry Winston.

Wedding photographer: Brandon Finney. Holiday photographer: Rick Robertson.

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8 Responses to “It’s a Mitzvah!”

  1. OMG. Any guinea pig poems?

  2. another peepalah strength: shrimp eyes. I can’t wait to see my nieces this weekend! squeak squeak squeak.

  3. A guinea pig haiku for you, Melissa, in honor of your book launch:

    “To Mother, The Lady Who Feeds Us”

    Without tap water
    from this metal tube, we’d die.
    It’s almost empty.

  4. those are some gorgeous ratlets. are they afraid of broccoli by any chance?

  5. Whats up! Excellent concept, but might this genuinely work?

  6. Hmmm. That depends what you mean by “work.” Only time will tell whether they remain hot and heavy honeymooners in the years to come, or if the sparks will fade to embers. None among us can predict love’s fate. But if you mean: will it last? You bet! They’re confined to a four foot cage.

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  8. [...] We will miss our girls. [...]

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